EasyRulers builds ruler based UI elements quickly. If you create FUI (Fake User Interfaces), or often need to create graphical measuring displays in After Effects, Real Creations new script will be of interest to you.

EasyRulers Script

EasyRulers is a simple Ae script that will allow you to easily (as the name implies) create any type of graphical measuring ruler. Be it circular, such as a dial or speedometer style ruler, or a horizontal tick-style ruler.

It can be a great tool if you create gauges, scopes, speedometers, equalizers, or HUD elements.

The panel will let you build all the shape and text layers needed, and aligns them. You can then easily control the parameters of the ruler with extensive effect panel controls.

Every property that is  controlled by the script’s expressions is made accessible by being unlocked and editable. Even the text layers that are create are completely independent, for easy edibility without braking the relationship to the ruler itself.

The script will run you a mere $19.00 over at aescripts + aeplugins.