Access Blender Mesh Python Data With DumpMesh

dumpMesh add-on for blender

DumpMesh is a small Blender Add-on you might find some use for if you create Blender Tools. The Small Blender Things site, run by Michel J. Anders, that will allow you to access and store all kinds of data about a selected mesh in Blender.

the purpose of this add-on is to get access to mesh data in a form that can easily be used in other add-ons

The tool will write out Python code for a mesh object, and store the code as a text object in the Text Editor.

Michel notes that you can easily reuse a mesh object in blender by using the .Blend file, but that is not what his add-on is meant to alleviate.

If you write tools for Blender, such as other add-ons, then DumpMesh will give you access to all kinds of mesh data that you can incorporate in your work.

As an example, using some parameterized object, you can create lists of vertex coordinates using this add-on. Doing a task like this manually would be prone to errors. DumpMesh however can produce Python definitions for”

  • a list of vertex coordinates
  • a list of edges
  • a list of faces
  • a dictionary with edge seams
  • a dictionary with edge creases

Visit the project on GitHub to get the code for DumpMesh Blender Add-on.