Ever use Mocha for performance replacement? As VFX professionals it is not our duty to get the best performance from on-screen talent. However it can be our duty to coax out the best shot from multiple performances.

As an example, if the powers that be, like the performance in one take, but a small detail of another. This happens more often than you would think.

how to track and replace an actor’s eyes when they accidentally look at the camera

Showing probably the most common form performance replacement — replacing eyes when an actor darts his focus to the camera or something just off set.

Here, Imagineer Systems Product Manager, Martin Brennand shows how you can track and replace an actor’s eyes with mocha, to exacting detail.

This technique can be used with mocha Ae, Mocha plus and Mocha pro, and comes in handy to quickly track masks and create a performance replacement for a shot.