Using the alTriplanar Node for Maya in Texturing Workflow

The Render Blog posts an excerpt from the latest course offering, CG Generalist Course Volume 2, showing how to use the alTriplanar.

a look at the alTriplanar node from the alShaders library for arnold.

This quick tutorial walks through using the alTriplanar Node that is part of the AlShaders suite of tools that are available for Maya Arnold users.

AlShaders, are production driven shaders created by Anders Langland specifically for the Arnold Rendering Engine in Autodesk Maya. AlShaders are a suite of shaders, procedural textures and utility nodes that make up a complete production shader library for Arnold.

The alTriplanar Node can be used to project a texture orthographically in three axes onto your object or scene.

This can be useful for adding spots of textures quickly to objects, letting you easily add variation breaking up texture patterns.

So far the course’s chapter’s will cover:

  •  CHAPTER 1 – Layered Materials in Maya
  • CHAPTER 2 – Python Scripting
  • CHAPTER 3 – Camera Projection Workflow
  • CHAPTER 4 – Camera Projection Workflow – Part 2

You can Pre-Order the CG Generalist Volume 2, for $39.00, if you have purchased any other course from The Redner Blog. The price will then jump to $59.00 after the pre-order period.