Accurately Measuring Rolling Shutter in SynthEyes

Did you know that you can calculate the amount of Rolling Shutter effect in a shot with SysnthEyes? Russ Andersson shows how you can precisely measure the amount of rolling distortions in a shot.

Some digital cameras will produce what is known as the “rolling shutter” effect, where fast motion ends up looking like jello-like distortions due to how the sensor reads the image in successive lines.

SynthEyes can accurately measure the amount of rolling that is created by any given camera, in any given shooting mode.

This can be a really good thing to know, but it could also be a difficult measure to obtain. Here, Russ shows how yo run the SynthEyes Rolling Shutter Analysis script.

There is also an overview for Rolling Shutter, showing the method and operation with some results.

Russ notes that SynthEyes versions AFTER 1511 are required, or you can download the script and related material from the customer-only area of the website.