Yader (Derya Ozturk) posts a quick tip which shows the MoGraph Cloner blend mode in Cinema 4D is able to blend between text strings.

The Blend mode in the Cloner is also able to blend Text Strings

In the example, Yader uses the cloner blend mode to display vertex indices. Each vertex in the object will receive a unique number.

You have probably used the cloner blend mode before for objects, not realizing that it can blend between numeric values as well.

If you know the amount of vertices in your object, there isn’t any need to even use Xpresso. All you need to do is put the point count – 1 into the text object named “max”.

If you want to get whole numbers without the decimal, all you need to do is put a dot after the number. Instead of 0 for minimum, and 100 for maximum, you would put 0. & 100 respectively.

Yader notes that there are a lot of possibilities using this technique — You can randomize numbers by using a random effector that is set to modify clone.