PixelBump’s Stephen Sprinkles posts a look into using Cloners and Effectors together in Cinema 4D. Stephen shows three different ways to use effectors with the cloner object to create some interesting effects fairly easily.

More Resources for Cloners and Effectors

There are quite a few other rescues out there showing you the relationship between cloners and effectors in C4D.

Ryan Somerville (jaypeeare) shows how to create a peel effect in Cinema 4D by way of the cloner object, with the post Create a Peel Effect By Offsetting Animation With a Cloner in C4D.

He also had a look at using the Cloner Blend function in C4D, which will let you blend cloned shapes based on the object’s parameters in the initial Cloner object with the post Understanding the C4D Cloner Blend Function.

Philipp Pavlov posts a look at how you can select every nth Element in a Cloner and effector, using the formula effector. How to Select Every Nth Element in a C4D Cloner.

Mustapha Fersaoui showed how you can create pixel art in C4D from any image, using a cloner and effector, with the post Create Pixel Art in C4D Using a Cloner, Shader Effector and Xpresso.

And Mt. Mograph showed how you can morph between different text in Cinema 4D using cloners and effectors. Create a Particle Morph Between Pixelated LED Type in Cinema 4D.