Not long ago, Nible Collective’s Jason Schleifer shows how you can create a setup for deforming control geometry in Maya by using the wrap deformer.

That works fine, but the issue becomes much slower evaluation if you have many of them.

Jason Schleifer demonstrates another way to create deforming animation controls for your animated characters.

So what is a viable method then, for deforming control geometry in Maya? Nodes of course.

Jason shows how you can create animation controls for your characters, that have surface controls, that follows along with the character’s deformations. Jason does this using the Transform Geometry Node in Maya. It is a much more involved setup, but it really creates a faster evaluation for your animation controls.

Nimble Collective Secures 8.5 Million to Revolutionize Animation Content

As a side-note, Nimble Collective recently secured 8.5 million dollars to fund their vision to develop the first cloud based studio-calibre pipeline to animators all over the world. Check out the press release for more information.

Nimble Collective plans to revolutionize the $90 billion animation content market by developing the industry’s first cloud-based, end-to-end platform and the world’s largest online animation community, targeting an estimated 10 million professional and aspiring animators around the globe.