Octane Render in Side Effects Houdini, Getting Started

Keeping with its quest for dominance among render engines, OTOY released Octane Render for Side Effects Houdini a little while ago.

…an introduction to Octane in Houdini to get up and running fast.

Octane available for Houdini is in addition to Octane Render being available for SketchUp, Maya, Cinema 4D, Nuke, AutoCad, Inventor, Revit, DAZ Studio, Lightwave, Modo, Rhino, Poser, and yes, even SoftImage.

Here, BW DEsign’s Ben Watts shows how you can quickly get up and running with Octane in Houdini. Ben offers a quick run-through, covering all the basics that can get you started right away.

As always, Ben Watts makes the benwattsdesign.com for download, so you can follow along, or pull it apart.