How easy is RubberHose? Ross Plaskow has been posting on his “how to make a cartoon” series, that walks through the entire process for creating and animating a character in After Effects.

Here, Ross shows a later stage for character set up and animation. While the first few dealt with simple parenting and moving vector points around to key them, this one uses BattleAxe’s RuberHose tool for After Effects.

The Ae tool creates a super-simple flexible shape layer line in Ae that you can then parent and use in your character rigs. RubberHose was built to solve the problem of complexities for using IK (Inverse Kinematics) for character controls.

Watching Ross creating the legs for his animated character, you can see why RubberHose might be worth getting.

This series has been going on for a while, this represents episode 5. View all the other episodes on Ross Plaskows Channel.