Frederik Steinmetz walks through the installation and basic use for Blender’s Animation Nodes. If you are not yet familiar with the Addon, it allows you to animate pretty much animation in Blender, procedurally, using nodes.

Frederik Steinmetz will explain the installation and basic usage of Jacques Lucke’s Animation Nodes Addon for Blender.

Animation nodes offers the ability to create complex animations in a logical way, similar to MASH in Maya or the Mograph Module in C4D.

Created by Jacques Lucke, the Blender addon is freely available and comes a wide variety of nodes to draw from. You can string together vector, rotation, matrix, text, boolean, mesh, spline nodes to name a few.

In all, the animation addon represents a very customizable and extendable framework that you can use instead of traditional animation methods in Blender, such as drivers, text manipulators, animation replicator, etc.

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