Puppeteer Lounge Announces Skin Simulation Live Webinar Event

The Puppeteer Lounge has announced a new live webinar event that will cover character skin simulation in Autodesk Maya.

Join acclaimed character TD Ehsan Kiani as he explains all the insider secrets behind creating great skin simulation in Maya, including muscles and fat in motion.

The webinar intends to cover the art and techniques behind the simulation of correct human musculoskeletal fat systems that can create more realistic character deformations, that employ both Maya’s nCloth and rigging toolset.

Ehsan mentions that he used to use Maya cMuscle systems for skin simulation, but found that workflow to be a bit slow. He changed his approach a few years ago to incorporate Maya’s nCloth tools and has never looked back.

Ehsan creates custom muscles for his characters,  and adds a cloth simulation system on top of them, like nCloth as the deformation solver. He also notes that it is possible to use any run-f-the-mill cloth simulation tool besides nCloth, but you really need to know how to take control of cloth simulation to be able to get a good muscle and fat simulations.

The Puppeteer Lounge is placing the webinar as part of its “Upgrade Your Skill” series, which covers a wide rage of topics hosted by industry professionals.

Visit the Puppeteer Lounge to sign up for the Maya Skin Simulation Live Webinar Event.

You can apply for this webinar event by clicking here or contacting PT-Lounge through email here.