Maya’s Symmetrical Modeling Improvements On Display

The latest release for Autodesk Maya 2016 was Extension 2, has brought some really great features to the forefront. Not only did Maya receive an exciting new motion graphics toolkit, but there were also a huge amount of workflow improvements, both large and small. A notable one was to the symmetrical modeling workflow.

Autodesk’s Steven Roselle shows how Maya is now a true symmetrical modeler. Many changes have been made to Maya’s modeling tools that that they will work within symmetrical modeling workflows. All of the tools and operations that you would want to use for symmetrical modeling are now supported throughout.

As an example, the Multi Cut tool now understands and respects symmetry, making it easy to insert edges or edge loops while symmetry is on. Symmetry goes beyond modeling tools and creeps into Quad Draw functions as well, making it much more convenient to retopologize models.

Symmetry has been thought out throughout in Maya, making its way to a new Mirror function, all the way to working with UV’s.