Freelancer, Uwe Schweer-Lambers otherwise known as “Equiloud” who has shared some great techniques over the years,has recently posted a look at creating a great transform effect.

how to use a few MoGraph Effectors to create a transformer reveal effect

You might have seen some similar effects, that use plugins to create the transform effect, some might actually be called “transform”. Equiloud’s walk through doesn’t use any special, or third party plugins or tools. The technique is a manual one, using a few MoGraph Effectors to create the transform effect, including Plain Effector, Random, Explosion FX, and the Fracture Object.

A long while back, Equiloud did another tutorial on using Mograph Effectors to create an easy reveal effect. The technique covered techniques that can be used for for revealing text, logos or anything in Cinema 4D.