Maya 2016 Ext 2 sees the new addition of a motion graphics toolkit, provided by Mainframe North’s MASH procedural animation tools. Some elements have been modified, clean up and rewritten, while the entire motion graphics toolkit benefits from tighter integration in Maya.

This new toolset is based on the MASH procedural animation toolset, and is fully integrated into Maya

If you never had a look at how motion graphic elements can be created with a nodes-based workflow, The Maya Learning Channel has recently posted a bunch of tutorials that offer a great start. The tutorials are aptly named “MASH end to end workflow” and really show off the power and benefits of having a motion graphics toolkit along side Maya’s other tools, including the viewport. Using Viewport 2 it can be possible to never have to render out another sequence, and simply capture it from realtime.

The series for MASH end to end workflow, covers creating a variety of motion graphics-like elements, from a pixelated globe, to “plexus” style elements, and even exporting effects layers to After Effects.