Origami, Nik Skavinski’s new plugin for After Effects, Looks Amazing

Origami is from the brain that brought us dynamic parenting in After Effects, ToonGoose’s Nik Skavinski. The new Ae tool allows you to easily create and animate organic growth and folding with a few clicks.

the procedural mesh generation and animation tool for After Effects.

Origami creates a procedural mesh in After Effects, letting you create visually remarkable effects, and animate them automatically. The mesh can be generated from any element in Ae. This includes a shape layer, a mask, layer borders, etc.

Origami creates mesh from After Effects layers and animates it automatically in various ways. The plugin will then create mesh fragments from the set source. The real power behind the system, is the animation engine. It uses a super simple and elegant UI that allows you to quickly set up animation effects. The animation engine will automatically build animation graph from the mesh and apply all transformations and expression.

Visit aescripts + aeplugins for more information on Origami, which is priced at $39.99.