Update to Slice4D Adds Easily Controllable Gizmo

A couple of months back, Pim Groof released a free (but not really supported) plugin for Cinema 4D, which was designed to easily cut any object in C4D into arbitrary sections. Recently, Slice4D has grown into a full fledged plugin for Cinema 4D, and version 2 adds a gizmo that allows you to control the slicing.

Slice your objects anyway you want, with or without animation.

Slice 4D’s Gizmo object lets you easily control potions, scale, and rotation of the slices in the viewport. The plugin even offers realtime viewport updates when the parameters of the gizmo are changed. You can now animate all the parameters from Slice4D, and now has a new phong tag control. An added benefit form being full plugin, is new online documentation and support.

The plugin can be purchased for around $15, Visit The Great Summit for more information on Slice4D plugin for cinema 4d.

Slice4D version 2’s added functionality includes:

  • Gizmo object to control slicing.
  • Position, Scale and Rotate Gizmo to fully control slicing.
  • Real time update when changing Gizmo or parameters.
  • All parameters can be animated.
  • Phong Tag control.
  • Online manual and support.