Russ Andersson posts an introductory look at tracking and stabilizing 360 video with the latest version of SynthEyes. A recent release of SynthEyes 1605 included new support for 360° Virtual Reality.

SynthEyes now handles the entire workflow for stabilizing, tracking and solving 360 video, and can easily insert 3D objets rendered in standard 3D software. 1605 includes simple routines for 360 VR stabilization, linearize + solve, stabilize from 3D solve, ZWT solution of additional points directly in 360VR, Add Many and Tracker Cleanup in 360VR.

  • 360° Virtual Reality support
  • Advanced bones algorithm for GeoH deformation
  • New Noise Reduction feature in image preprocessor
  • Separated pan/tilt/roll channels with >360° support and individual axis filtering.
  • Pass-through vertex numbering for vertex-cache-based workflows, including mesh replacement with vertex re-matching.
  • Metadata access.

If you want to get started with 360 video tracking, stabilizing, and matchmaking, SynthEyes 1605 comes with a 12-part 2-hour tutorial.