Creating Facial Hair for a Character With Maya xGen

There are a few options available for creating hair, fur and general instancing. If you work in Autodesk Maya, you have the choices of Shave and a Hair Cut, Yeti, and the newly released Ornatrix. Even though Maya has it’s own internal fur and hair system, you also have another choice in Maya’s xGen.

xGan can easily handle creating hair, fur and other general instancing tasks. xGen is built for throughput. It can easily handle a huge amount of instances without even a hiccup. If you are curious as to how you can use xGen in the character pipeline, senior 3D artist Ahmad Merheb walks through the process for creating eyebrows and a beard. the toolset has some great artist friendly tools for grooming and styling hair and fur.

Ahmad Merheb has a Youtube Channel that offers some great tutorials on everything 3D, along with a Patreon page that you should visit.