Ephere Releases Ornatrix Maya and it Fits Maya Like a Glove

Ephere Inc. has polished up and sent Ornatrix Maya out the door. You may have seen a few postings on how the newest hair system for Maya works. Built around 3ds’s “stack” ideology, the hair tools are a procedurally driven, non-destructive pipeline for all things hair, fur, feathers and scatter.

A complete hair, fur, and feather solution is now on Maya

Ornatrix is more than an add-on plugins for Maya, it is fairly tightly integrated. In fact, Ephere says that it “Fits Maya like a glove” with a rich multipurpose toolset. The system is designed to be artist friendly, allowing for fine control and creation of assets that can be reused in production.

The Maya plugin is listed as a “hair pipeline” tool, because it has some really great features. Not only can you work non-destructively, but you can also create hair styles from low polygon 2d cards and then convert those to hair. It is filled with great features like this that are designed to help artists get started quickly and work effectively.

Ornatrix works under Linux, Windows and Mac OS, and supports a variety of renderers including V-Ray, Redshift, Arnold, Maxwell and Renderman. Visit Ornatrix Maya for more information.