Ornatrix Maya Will Add a New Resolve Collisions Operator

Ornatrix Adds a New Resolve Collisions Modifier That Offers Art- Direct-able Collisions Without the Need for Simulation

Ephere posts a look into a new feature that has gone into the Ornatrix Maya V2 beta. It’s a brand new operator that is specifically made for hair and fur interactions for things like clothes, character hands interacting with hair or fur, walking through grass fields, or any other type of object interactions. The operator is Resolve Collisions.

It was designed to provide users with a method to art direct collisions for fur, grass and hair, without the time-consuming process of a physical simulation. The Resolve Collisions feature offers intuitive parameters that let you easily fine tune the collisions. This also means that you can adjust any operator in the hair stack and get instant feedback. Users can export hair and fur systems as an Alembic file with the collisions applied, that can be used along side the animation cache operator in Ornatrix.

For no simulations involved, the new Resolve Collisions Operator looks pretty sophisticated in creating collisions where you want them and avoiding interpenetrations where you don’t. Visit Ephere for more information about Ornatrix Maya.