How to Convert Styled Ornatrix Hair to XGen

There are more than a few solutions out there for creating, styling, simulating and rendering hair systems. If you work with Maya, you that Maya’s internal hair and fur systems, along with the newer technology like XGen. Some solutions are developed to work well with Maya’s internal systems. Ephere’s Ornatrix is one of them.

Turns out Ornatrix and Maya are best friends. This makes it easier to add Ornatrix to an existing Maya XGen based pipeline. You can user Ornatrix to style and simulate hair, and then convert the entire thing directly over to XGen. The interoperability between Maya and Ornatrix is quite impressive, the two really work well together.

Watch 3D Artist Serguei Krikalev demonstration showing a simple 6 step process for how you can convert Ornatrix Hair to Xgen, and what that workflow looks like.