One thing MARI users have been wanting is a method for symmetrical painting. Of course, The Foundry’s MARI can handle symmetrical painting so some extent. The problem is that mired painting is only available in the buffer. This makes for a difficult workflow to paint on opposite sides of the 3D objects in the viewport.

..allows you to paint with symmetry in Mari similarly to how you would in zbrush or mud box…

There is another way, however. Freelance 3D Artist David Eschrich has created a script for MARI that will allow for world-space symmetrical painting. David’s Symmetrical PaintingTool for Mari lets you work similarly to Substance Painter or ZBrush.

Simply paint on one side of the model, and hit the desired mirrored axis with the script’s buttons. The script instantly creates an exact reflection on the other side of the model. If you need accuracy that symmetrical painting with the buffer doesn’t allow for, you would definitely check out the Symmetrical PaintingTool for Mari.


David Eschrich provides some notes on the MARI script:

  • This is world space only. But as long as your model is central to origin and is either symmetrical on the x,y, or z axis then this will allow for symmetrical baking.
  • Paint on one side of your model and then bake with symmetry across the desired axis with the details being mirrored properly.
  • No need for taking the time to setup symmetrical uvs 🙂
  • For this script to work correctly go to the Projection Palette and ensure your projection Baking Behavior is set to “Manual”. In your paint buffer set Reset on Bake to “Disabled”.
  • Note that if projection type is not “Front” this could be messy 🙂
  • In addition you can just invert the canvas/buffer on any axis without baking by using keyboard shortcuts listed below or via the deTools menu.
  • There is also a symmetry tools palette that includes x,y,and z symmetry baking buttons with a menu to specify the buffer behavior after a symmetrical bake. It can be set to Auto or Manual Clear

Baking Shortcuts:

  • Shift+X
  • Shift+Y
  • Shift+Z

Canvas Inversion Shortcuts:

  • Crtl+Shift+X
  • Crtl+Shift+Y
  • Crtl+Shift+Z