Playing out the same tired camera moves in After Effects? Frustrated with moving around in that BS Adobe calls “3D space”? Then you might want to take a look at this new tool from Dan Ebberts and Orrin Zucker. MonkeyCam Pro is the latest addition to the “monkey” branded tools for After Effects, aptly named for their one-lick ease of use.

A wild new procedural camera with one click set up & marker-based motion effects

Monkey Tools

If you are not familiar with Monkey Tools, they center on a procedurally driven “marker-based” workflow. You simply place markers in your after effects timeline where you want certain things to happen. This make it easy as pie to shift things around, alter timings and animate entire pieces really quickly. This concept is great for making kinetic type animations in AE. The Monkey tools can be used as a “creative crutch”, or merely a quick way to get things done when a client doesn’t have the funds for you to bust out the high-end kung fu. (But when does that ever happen, right?)

MonkeyCam Pro

New MonkeyCam Pro works as the other monkey-driven tools. It is designed to be a blend of power and simplicity. With it, you can instantly create and setup complex camera moves in 3D space, with some flare. The Ae tool features a special motion algorithm that automatically eliminates Gimbal Lock, and includes many interpolation options, motion effects and of course, the telltale, Monkey brand of marker based timing controls.

Watch a brief demonstration on how easy your life could be from now on:

Some of the other Monkey Tools can also work with the Ae Camera to some extent. To make things a little more clear, the dynamic duo of Ebberts + Zucker have made a little chart that lists out the features of all the Monkey Tools, that you might find helpful.

monkey Tools