A Great Disintegration Effect with MASH and Deformers

Ian Waters shows off a great MASH network that can create a cool disintegration effect in Maya. Using a base geosphere, the setup uses two simple MASH networks, each having two nodes, and a texture deformer. What is neat, is that the whole thing is controlled by one noise node.

Interestingly enough, the most complex part of the tutorial is actually creating the geosphere in Autodesk Maya. Maya doesn’t have a geosphere primitive unfortunately, so you have to make one manually. A geosphere primitive would be super helpful in a lot of work in Maya.

Two other tutorials of note that also walks through MASH for effects are: Tobias Steiner showing how to create a Particle Morph Effect with Maya MASH which can easily be used to create an object dissolve, and a short 1 minute tutorial showing how you can  dissolve type with MASH.