Create The Classic Particle to Type Move With MASH

These tutorials from the AboutOneMinute channel on Youtube are really great. Concise and interesting tutorials that roughly will take up around a minute of your time. The channel has been posting some motion graphics style tutorials with Maya and it’s motion graphics toolkit, MASH.

how to create random pixel animating and forming a text

Here, you can watch how you can easily create the classic motion graphics move where particles either form or disintegrate type. This is easily done using a Mesh Distribution in MASH, and using a black and white image as a strength map for the effect.

The toolkit offers a great workflow for creating motion design animations by using procedural node networks. It might take a while to get used to working with nodes this way. In the end though, it allows for a much more flexible workflow, letting you to easily customize the effects by chaining nodes together. As an example, you can watch how to build animated recursive tiles using Maya MASH with just a few simple nodes.

MASH is Maya’s motion graphics toolkit that shipped with Autodesk Maya 2016 extension 2. Before that, it was an add-on that came out of the motion graphics house, Mainframe UK. The Motion Graphics Toolkit has received some updates since then, in Maya 2017.