Generate a Series of Pyro Simulations in Houdini With Wedge

CG Artist Oliver Hilbert shares a look into using Houdini’s Wedge ROP to wedge pyro simulations and writing those sims out as OpenDVB’s. The DVB’s are then brought into Clarisse and rendered there.

looking at using the wedge ROP in Houdini to generate a series of Pyro simulations

The Wedge render node in Houdini allow you to render out the specified ROP multiple times, letting you cary parameters in the Houdini file each time. Wedge can be useful for exploring how changing parameters will affect the look. This can be particularly useful for simulations, where you need to art direct the end result a bit. Here, Oliver uses the Wedge ROP’s in Houdini to generate a series of Pyro simulations and then write those out to openDVB files.

Oliver Hilbert is currently a 3D Lecturer at Media Design School. He acted as CG Supervisor on the short film ACCIDENTS, BLUNDERS AND CALAMITIES. If you haven’t seen that, you should definitely check it out.