A Quick Way to Extrude Mesh From Any Object in ZBrush

In Zbrush, you can create some great abstractive shapes from a 3D model. Thing is, how do you do that quickly and easily? Miquel Rodriguez Estany, is London-based 3D designer, who recently posted a great quite tip, showing a super easy way to extrude mesh from any 3D object in Zbrush.

an easy way to extrude mesh from any 3D object

The process is kind of simple too. All you have to do is import your object to Zbrush and then add some subdivisions to it. Head on over to Surface, Noise plugin, and then tweak the settings there to your liking, changing scale, rotation and other attributes to get different interesting patterns. Then it is just a matter of masking the noise and extrude mesh using the extrude subtool. It’s a really easy way to get some interesting shapes for rendering.