Now 3D Model Makers Can Protect Their Work From Thieves

New company, PADECA is towing the line between fair use and copyright infringements when it comes to 3D model assets. Stock 3D assets are a commodity in the production pipeline, and there are plenty of 3D model marketplaces, premium individual 3D models and model bundles to choose from. Producers of stock 3D content have all too often found that their work is being copied beyond the confines of the licensing agreement, being stolen, or flat out pirated.

Examples can be found in recent news. In the past couple of months alone, BMW started a lawsuit against Turbosquid for selling 3D models of their car designs, Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch had their 3D assets stolen for making porn, and Playstation 4 game Solbrain Knight of Darkness stole assets from various 3D artists.

Encryption / Decryption for 3D Model Assets

Now you can protect your 3D model assets with D3CRYPT3D. The decryption software allows you to embed encryption in an OBJ file, requiring an access key to be used. D3CRYPT3D protects any 3D asset with the click of a button. All you have to do is download and install the software, register, and start encrypting and tracking your files.

D3CRYPT3D allows the file type to remain the same and be opened in its native application. In addition, asset tracking metrics are embedded in the encryption which allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the file.

PADECA  is working to bringing D3CRYPT3D to a web-based app which will include new features. A calling card to promote the artists, as well as real-time asset tracking are planned.

D3CRYPT3D is in beta right now and only works with OBJ files (with more on the way), but the first version of the software will be released by the new year.