Affinity Photo Windows, Free Beta Available Now

Affinity Photo Windows Free Beta Available Now

Serif has lunched Affinity Photo Windows. This adds another multi-platform offering which includes Affinity Designer. The Affinity products seem to be taking the the community by storm. Designer and Photo are not only seen as replacements for Illustrator and Photoshop respectively, but they are seen as being better. Not better by a little, better by a long shot.

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Affinity Photo Windows

The Windows version of Affinity Photo isn’t a complete release. The app is released in beta. You can download a beta version for free during the beta period. Photo matches the MacOS version feature to feature.

The Affinity apps have always been way faster than the larger competitors that are out there. Affinity for Windows is no exception. Both the mac and windows versions share the same back-end. This means that you can be confident the file compatibility between both platforms will always be 100%. The beta version includes some big new features which are included in Photo 1.5 which will be released next month. this includes

  • HDR merge
  • Focus stacking
  • Macros
  • Tone mapping
  • Batch processing
  • 360 degree image editing

The Affinity Switch Effect

I’ve come across people switching from Adobe products to the Serif ones, more and more it seems. It’s not very hard to find people who are switching, and documenting their switch as it happens,

Comic Writer, Artist and founder of Bob Byrne is one such example. You can follow along with the trials and tribulations of his switch from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Affinity Designer.

The Plea for Affinity Animator

Many Affinity users who also happen to be motion designers are nearly pleading with the folks over at Serif to develop a motion graphics application. If it had the forethought, elegance, and speed that went into designer and photo, an “Affinity Motion” offering would be easily be industry upset. — So, Affinity Motion, Affinity Animator? Please?


  1. Seriously, Affinity Photo is better than Photoshop! Awesome!!!

  2. I try to download it. Maybe this will make my nights are busier 🙂

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