Working With Metallic Flake Materials in Cycles 4D

Have a look at how to create¬†metallic flake in Cycles. By now you should’ve heard that Cycles 4D has been released. So far the reception has been pretty good with the Cinema 4D community. Cycles 4D offers production-level rendering engine that is both GPU and CPU enabled for rendering.

a couple of methods for making materials with areas of translucency, as well as showing you how to add metal flakes

Cycles in Cinema 4D also offers a solid node based material system. Diving into that, is Rob Redman who shows us how to get started creating materials in Cycles 4D.

Rob walks through a couple of techniques for making materials that have areas of translucency. He also covers how to add the metallic flakes that you would typically see in a car paint material shader. Rob notes that the metallic flake technique could be used for a lot more than just car paint. Experimenting with the masking node can lead to some creative results.