Tune the Light Path and Ray Depth Settings in Cycles4D

New render engines mean a new way of doing things. Rendering is getting more advanced and it is also getting easier. That isn’t to say that render settings are going to be any less important. Settings like sampling, light path and ray depth settings might always be something that you need to be aware of. This is no lees true for the new Cycles4D rendering bridge in Cinema 4D

…describing the way the Cycles4D Ray Depth Settings work and also give some tips on optimizing your renders…

CG Artist based in Ludwigsburg, Germany Raphael Rau shares some tips for optimizing renders in Insydium’s Cycles4D. The Light Path and Ray Depth settings house quite a few options within that section the Render Settings. Although some of the settings sound straight forward, they can seem a bit cryptic too.

Understanding this section of the Cycles4D workflow means being able to optimize your renders for speed and quality. Always good to know.