Check Out What’s Coming for Cycles 4D

Insydium shows off some of the new features coming in a Cycles 4D update.

Insydium posts a short video teasing some of the new features coming to Cycles 4D. The update will have some new lighting tools that will allow users to have more control over lighting rigs. With it, you can create physically correct lighting offering realistic results.

Also in the update is the addition of unlimited nodes, updated existing features, and created some helpful shortcuts. 

Cycles 4D Will Have:

  • The latest Cycles Core (March 2020)
  • OptiX™ Support
  • Custom AOVs
  • Includes Unlimited Render Nodes
  • Replicator Node
  • Viewport Texture Support
  • OpenVDB Velocity Maps
  • Light Kits
  • Lights Manager

To see more detailed information, take a look at the Cycles 4D product pages. You’ll find the full list, including new shortcuts and updates to existing features.