The Drawing Room Releases Wiper Pack for After Effects

The Drawing Room have released a textured transition and matte pack for After Effects (or your favorite editor/effects tool). The Wiper Pack consists of 30 textured matte transitions that you can use in a jiffy. You may remember The Drawing Room’s Obsessive Layers tool for cleaning up After Effects projects.

The Wiper Pack was created from hand-painted materials, where The Drawing Room team created frame by frame animations in Photoshop, which were then converted to 1920 x 1080 video files, that you can use in your own projects.

The Wiper Pack offers 10 horizontal wipes, 10 vertical wipes, 5 diagonal wipes and 5 grunge wipes. Also onboard is a PDF gallery with thumbnail images. The transition pack comes is QT vids or PNG sequences. The Pack goes for $15, and can be found here. Having nice transitions and wipes at hand can save you some time!

Watch The Drawing Room’s Nol Honig who walks though sing the Wiper Pack in After Effects: