Download a Handy 4K Raindrop Texture Loop

Daniel Mozbäuchel is a Freelance CGI 3D-Artist and Generalist who’s latest project involved a realistic render of a Porsche Cayman GT4. Daniel used Cinema 4D, Octane 3, Particles, And BlackMagic Design’s Fusion for Compositing. The render took around 24 hours, averaging about a minute a frame using 3 GTX 980ti’s. The render also has an interesting raindrop texture effect.

The rain in the scene is the especially interesting part. Rain falling out of the sky is pretty simple to do , it’s just a particle group and some tweaked settings. The rain on the car is more nuanced. Rain tends to collect and drops down surfaces. In order to get this looking right, Daniel created a 4K raindrop texture that he could use for a displacement. The results are pretty convincing.

If you ever need to create raindrops like this, Daniel has made the 4K raindrop texture loop free for download. A loop like this can come in handy in more than just 3D, but also compositing and other effects.

Visit 4Dm Works for more information on Daniel Mozbäuchel’s project, and the free 4K raindrop texture loop.

raindrop texture loop

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