Easy Terrain For Maya Available Now… For Free

Sculpting tools, Subdivisions, Displacements and Height Fields. Maya has everything you might need for creating terrains. The thing is, all the tools are scattered throughout the application. This makes the workflow a little clunky if you don’t prepare for it. This is likely why Morteza Ahmadi has spent the time to create Easy Terrain.

Easy Terrain is a script was a tool developed so that users can make nice looking terrains really fast. Simply create a plane and add as many maps as you like to it. You can use Maya’s Paint Tools to sculpt, and create rivers, custom erosions, or what you like.

The tool lets you switch between resolutions easily at the click of a button, instead of traversing the attribute editor. The script looks like it could be useful for a lot of proposes and workflows in Maya. The best part? It’s free. Visit CG Elementary for more information and download Easy Terrain for Maya.