New HDRI Link Speeds Up C4D Lighting and Reflection Workflow

A new Cinema 4D plugin from Greyscalegorilla INC. is designed to speed up your lighting and reflection workflow when using third party renderers. HDRI Link represents the first plugin from GSG that is compatible with Octane, Arnold, and other Third party renderers. It lets you streamline C4D lighting and reflections.

Easily find the perfect Lighting and Reflections in Cinema 4D with HDRI Link™

The amount of renderers available for DCC hosts has risen in the last few years. Where 3D artists were generally sticking with internal renderers, the market has opened up to a point where there are many choices that offer professional results. Some artists will even jump from render to renderer from job to job.

This is why a workflow tool like HDRI Link can be valuable. The plugin will work with Arnold, Octane, Cycles 4D, and V-ray.

HDRI Link and the included browser lets you point and click to easily try out over 300 different HDRI’s in your Cinema 4D scene. No matter what renderer you are using at the time.

Greyscalegorilla will also let you expand your library with packs that will work with the HDRI Link plugin. Visit Greyscalegorilla for more information.