Leuchtkraft Adds Support for Dome Lights and HDR

DGDM’s Leuchtkraft updates with some nice new features, including support for Dome Lights. Leuchtkraft is a Maya plugin that offers a simplified way to set up and control lights. As if working in reverse, you can click on the parts of the model in a Maya scene, that you want to affect with the lights. This is a great way to intuitively “paint” with light, rather than point the lights in an arbitrary position. The lighting plugin lets you play highlights on the parts of the model, making it easy to art direct the lighting in yours scene.

A recent update to the plugin added the ability to use Dome Lights, and HDR images. You can assign HDR’s to lights or add them to Leuchtkraft’s library.

Also on slate for Leuchtkraft 1.6 update is:

  • light ramps now can be saved and loaded as presets
  • mouse shortcuts for translation, rotation, scale and light intensity
  • thumbnail display of assigned hdr image in lightlister
  • custom maya render presets are now listed in ipr preset menu
  • 8 new hdri light textures added
  • improved lightlinking: lightlinking button now has a context menu that lets you easily change light relationship of selected object(s)

Visit DGDM for more information on Leuchtkraft, and the v1.6 update.