Create a Waving Flag With BMD Fusion

Looking to learn more about BMD Fusion? Here is a good start, with a look at using Fusion’s 3D capabilities. A Blackbird Called Sue’s Youtube channel has been posting a few Fusion tutorials that are a great starting point for new users.

One in particular, shows how you can create a waving flag in Fusion. This is a good introduction to using 3D techniques in Fusion, making use of its true 3D space and the tools that go with it. Create a waging flag using an image and Fusion’s image plane, a fast way to bring in elements and have them in the 3D space. The animation for the waving flag comes from using a displacement node that draw upon the FastNoise node as input.

While you are going through Fusion tutorials, you should keep in mind that you can download and use Fusion 8 for free, to learn and follow along with tutorials.