New DriveMaster is a One-Stop Script for Rigging Cars in 3ds Max

Rigging cars in 3D can take a lot of your time. If you are under the gun, there are plenty of scripts out there that can help you speed up that process in your host application. If you are using 3ds Max, there are a few tools available that offer an easy way to get the whales roaring without sliding. There are even scripts that will allow you to steer the car, or give it a suspension system for more realistic animation. Few scripts are a one-stop-shop that offer all of those things. Efim Armand’s DriveMaster is that One-Stop Script for Rigging Cars in 3ds Max.

The script allows you to create and animate a car in Max with a few clicks. DriveMaster has built-in automatic shell rotations based on distance traveled, but can also give you spin override for when you want to create burnouts or drifting effects with the car.

The rest of the features for DriveMaster are equally as impressive incorporating a speedometer, multiple ground objects, automatic and manual body reaction to animation, auto wheels steering, and support for uneven ground surfaces. Check out the feature list:

DriveMaster Features:

  • A floater dialog with pick-buttons for wheels, body, brakes
  • Few clicks rig creation
  • Uneven ground surface support
  • Body alignment to wheels
  • Automatic wheel rotation system base on traveled distance
  • Manual suspension system
  • Spin override for wheels for burnout animations and sliding
  • Manual body reaction to acceleration
  • Automatic body reaction to turns
  • Auto wheels steering
  • Speedometer
  • Multiple ground objects
  • Body spring dynamics
  • Manual wheels offset

DriveMaster will set you back $50.00, but if you are animating cars in 3ds Max often, it will definitely be worth the look. Visit the page for DriveMaster to learn more.

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  1. Great Tool!! Just a few clicks and you get an awesome rig with lots of functionality.

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