How To Extrude 3D Shapes in Fusion Studio

BlackMagic Design Fusion is an amazing piece of kit. Nodal based and fast, Fusion studio is built for production and can also be used for motion graphics. One of the many benefits behind Fusion is the 3D workspace. You can move around in a unified 3D space, much like you can in a 3D application. With the help of the Krokodove toolset, you can both extend motion graphics workflows as well as 3D ones.

How to extrude shapes into 3D objects inside of Fusion 8 using the Krokodove tools

In this tutorial, Vito has a look at using the Krokodove tools to extrude actual and real 3D geometry within Fusion studio. Krokodove adds many additional features to Fusion, and is currently in beta with version 7. Krokodove’s ShapeCreate3D node can easily extrude vector elements within Fusion Studio.

If you are coming from Adobe After Effects, the Krokodove plugins are essential. Learn more about Krokodove here. Visit Vito’s Patreon page and support him for more great tutorials using Fusion and Fusion Studio.