Substance Designer 6 Can Process Photos Into Scanned Materials

Allegorithmic has been pushing at the forefront of texturing, with its material authoring tools. With its latest announcement, the company doesn’t disappoint.

Allegorithmic has recently released a new version of Substance Designer, that includes new scan processing tools. Substance Designer 6 has scan processing nodes lets you create accurate materials from a set of pre-lit photos.

To interpret photos into accurate materials, all you need is a camera, tripod and a light source and 4 – 8 snapshots of the subject with varying light angles. Then crop the images and feed them into the Substance Designer 6 scan processor.

The system goes to work and extracts a detailed normal map (or height) and albedo. You can then use the new Smart Auto Tile node to make the maps into a seamless tile. The node analyzes the features of each channel of the material and finds the best way to cut and stitch the maps together to eliminate the seams.

Substance Designer 6 includes a wealth of other new great features too, including a new Curve and Text Node, Some new Bakers, and the introduction of 32-bit compositing. Visit Allegorithmic to learn more about the features of Substance Designer 6. And watch a replay of the live stream here.