Use Parallax Offset to Squeak Out More Bump in C4D

Ever use Parallax Offset C4D? Bump Maps, Normal Maps, & Displacements. All those attributes can fit under a broad category when creating surfaces in 3D. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Bump mapping has a long history in CG.

It was first introduced by James Blinn back in 1978, and represents a fairly rudimentary method for perturbing a surface. That doesn’t mean that new innovations have not happened since then. In fact, if you use Cinema 4D, the Bump channel now has a new attribute that can help you make bump maps look a little more like displacements. This is thanks to Parallax Offset.

Watch Joren Kandel, founder of the Pixel Lab walk through how you can use the parallax offset feature in the bump channel to bring out the bump ma even more, while not taking an extra hit on render times. Nice tip!