aPMatte Can Generate Position Mattes in Nuke On a GPU


Looking for an easy way to create position mattes in Nuke? Thanks to Adrian Pueyo, there is a new Blinkscript-based Nuke Gizmo that can generate a matte of difference shapes, based on a position pass. And it can do it on the GPU.

aPMatte is based on some other familiar position pass tools that you might be using, such as P_Matte, or World Position Toolkit.

Unlike some of these tools, aPMatte includes some options to transform the mask and alter the falloff of the matte, plus some other handy options. You can make the matte look more organic by adding a 4d noise or a “sticky” position based 3D noise overlay to it.

Check out the video to see how aPMatte features, and how it can be used. Download aPMatte at Nukepedia.