How to Set ACES Renders in After Effects, Nuke and Photoshop

Johnny Fehr shows how your 3D ACES renders can look the same in After Effects and Nuke as they did where you made them.

While ACES is a new-ish workflow for artists, applications like Adobe After Effects are pretty slow (being conservative) on the uptake, even for industry-standard processes like color management. It’s pretty clear when you see how simple ACES workflow is in C4D, Maya, Fusion, Nuke, etc. by comparison.

If you do not see the same result for your renders in applications like After Effects, Nuke or Photoshop, check out this new tutorial from Johnny Fehr.

Fehr shows how to Render in ACES and export it to compositing apps like Nuke, After Effects, and Photoshop detailing how to set up these apps correctly with ACES.