Working With the Free NeuronBuild Script for Cinema 4D

If you work to create biomedical illustrations and animation using 3D tools such as Cinema 4D, you probably already know of the NeuronBuild python script. The tool allows you to import and use neuron morphology data (from a site like into C4D and Zbrush, alike.

For those who are not medical animators, neuron morphology is the study of nervous system form, shape, and structure. The organic structures of neurons are an interesting aesthetic for non data-driven work as well.

The script was created by Nicholas Woolridge back in 2013, but recently open sourced and updated the scripts for all to use, with a new video describing how the scripts can be used.

The scripts can bring in digitally reconstructed neurons from a library that has contributions from over 200 laboratories worldwide.

Simply download a neuron profile, run the script and use the import options to select and open the file. Presto, an instant neuron.

Visit the repository for the NeuronBuild Script for Cinema 4D / Zbrush for more information.

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  1. Stratis

    Fantastic! Thank you Lester/Nicholas. Great time saver for those in medical illustration and a particularly fun little tool to have

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