Create Organic Patterns in Maya With a New Voronoi Mesh Generator

A newly available Voronoi tool for creating intricate organic patterns is available for Maya. Voronoi Mesh Generator is a script that lets you create Voronoi meshes from any object, and is created by Abhishek Karmakar.

The script offers a simple panel that allows you to control cel density and smoothness. The results are a seamless polygon mesh, from any object.

Voronoi Mesh Generator is a simple tool for Autodesk Maya, which allows artists to create Voronoi meshes based on any arbitrary mesh shape as input.

Voronoi patterns are a great basis for shattering, cracking effects, or just abstract organic looking shapes. There are a few other Voronoi tools out there for Maya, such as Ninja Fracture, and the  Larmor-Physx project, freely released as Open Source.

The Voronoi Generator is somewhere in between those two in terms of price, at just $8. Visit the page for the Voronoi Mesh Generator for more information.