Working With the New Houdini FLIP Fluids, A Houdini 16 Masterclass

FLIP Fluids received some enhancements with the release of Houdini 16. FLIP can now create physically correct surface tension. This is great news for creating the classic crown shots when something dives into a volume of water. Also on tap is the ability to guide fluid with a higher degree of control using Fluid Suction, which can be object based or deformed object-based.

White Water in Houdini 16 is now all 3D particle based. This gives much more natural and visually rich results. Also a new slip function offers more control over how fluids interact with collision geometry.

Offering a Houdini 16 Masterclass level overview of the new changes and additions to FLIP Fluids, is Ryan Goldade is a Software Developer for Side Effects Software. The Houdini 16 masterclass shows how you can reduce reflecting waves with the waterline and boundary layer tools, including up-resing the boundary layer. Ryan says about the rest of the class: “We will demonstrate new effects like creating a crown splash and directable fluid to fill a character and how sliding viscous fluid can create more believable behaviour.” There are some great things in this one that are definitely worth the watch.