An Introduction to Procedural Modeling in Houdini

Working procedurally is the pinnacle of 3d workflow. Animating? Animate procedurally and keep flexibility within the pipeline. Procedural modeling? Model this way and retain pliability in your work.

People really seem to latch on to procedural animation once they see that workflow in action. Modeling however, might make some take pause. If you are looking for an app to get started with procedural modeling, Houdini is a great application for that. If you are looking for some tutorials that will help you get oriented, Tighe Rzankowski has a great one for that.

Tighe covers procedural modeling concepts from start to finish, showing how to create a rudimentary fence asset that can easily be expanded upon. This was an introductory lecture that  Tighe Rzankowski gave at the Drexel University’s SIGGRAPH chapter as a Junior Animation & FX major. Some stuff moves fast, but there it is still a good guide that shows what Side FX Houdini is capable of.