Pipeline 2 for Maya Updates With Dynamic Project Structures

Pipeline 2 for Maya Updates With Dynamic Project Structures

Popular project management tool for Maya, Pipeline has seen a new release after a year in beta. Pipeline 2 implements user driven feature requests, and has fixed a lot of issues.

Pipeline is the work of Character TD Lior Ben Horin and was developed to be a simple and straight forward tool for managing Maya projects. This includes managing simple one-shot animations to student shorts, to heavy asset-driven television productions. Pipeline was made to handle the dirty work so users can stay focused on the art and animation.

Pipeline 2

The latest version of the Maya plugin offers the ability to have dynamic project structure and naming conventions. Pipeline now includes handy folder structure templates and the ability to edit them with a templates editor.

Also added is support for underscores in item names, PlayBlasts with masters and a project switcher that lets you quickly move from one project to another.

The plugin has a new facelift, with a new user interface along side new documentation.

Availability and Pricing

Pipeline 2 has some restructured pricing at $30. If you are a student, you can pick up the projects manager for $10. There is also an option for a free trial version that has limited functionality.